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Hey there! I’m Emily Elmore, owner of The MotoDoll LLC.

I’m an engineer, motor enthusiast, and former Air Force pilot with a penchant for coding and creative design. When a catastrophic injury forced me from the cockpit, I accommodated my limited mobility by pivoting to data analysis. I built a team of designers, marketers, and web developers to form The MotoDoll LLC, a brand development and web design firm based in Pensacola, Florida.

We use data analysis to align our client’s performance goals with their brand identity.

With effective digital tools, we’re able to provide online branding and design services worldwide! From doctors to non-profits, our clients are building something new or reimagining an established brand. They recognize the importance of websites and online branding, but their expertise often falls to a different craft, and they’d rather spend time on what they know best. That’s where we come in. We align our client’s brand with performance goals to increase traffic, brand recognition, and revenue.

We increases site traffic, engagement, & leads to get your brand in gear.

From influencers and gym owners to independent consultants and local service providers, your brand image is a reflection of how users feel about you. To become a preferred brand you must build and maintain your reputation through optimized content and brand recognition. The MotoDoll identifies, monitors and improves key performance indicators for your business to increase traffic, optimize content, and improve brand awareness. We offer design recommendations for established sites, or build new sites that effortlessly blend user experience with SEO best practices to convert interest into cash. Ready to learn more? Check out our services.

Are you spinning your wheels? Let The MotoDoll jumpstart your brand, increase your traffic, and drive up your sales.

Want to know more about me?

In 2016 I lost the use of my right arm, and The MotoDoll started as an effort to digitally connect with the motor community I lost following my injury. I wanted to share lessons learned on the road, in the cockpit, and under the hood to empower others to crush roadblocks and reroute effectively. Along the way I learned a lot about the human stories behind the motors.

These stories weren’t about timing belts, manifolds and spark plugs. Cars, trucks, and things that go are freedom! Adventure! They’re the smell of your grandpa’s garage, a road trip with your best friends, or taking your daughter to her first day of school. They take you to new opportunities, and they bring you home again. The MotoDoll was so much bigger than just motor stories, and it became the vehicle of my reinvention.

every journey encounters roadblocks. Everyone will experience a “...Now what?” moment.

Many times we’re equipped to overcome the obstacles we encounter. Other times we need a tow, a wingman to drag us around it, or maybe a new route. I designed The MotoDoll LLC to provide that service; I was uniquely positioned to help folks map out personal and professional strategies that withstand setback. I understand the struggle. I was a happy flygirl when a serious injury forced me out of the cockpit and devastated my mobility.

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This wasn’t some pothole. The road was washed out.


My career, my community, everything changed. Talk about a major detour. Unable to fly, I was medically retired from the Air Force and utilized my background in coding, communications, and management to offer brand and web design services.

Many business owners have experienced their own detours. They may be looking to build something new or reimagine an established brand in order to remain competitive. The MotoDoll LLC not only manages brand performance, but trains and motivates others to create and sustain their own brands.

The right people, the right roadmap, and the right perspective put the journey in your control. Everyone has a story. The MotoDoll LLC wants to help you be the hero of yours.


Get into gear with The MotoDoll.

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