Brand Management

Whether you’re reimagining an established brand or creating something new, The MotoDoll LLC identifies, develops, and manages key metrics to ensure the success of your brand.



First we determine your primary audience, client, or customer. Before we can promote the goods or services that your brand offers we must clearly identify who will consuming those goods or services. We identify how we can engage with our target audience in order to widen your sales funnel.

Market Analysis

We analyze the competition and potential barriers to success with comprehensive market analysis. We establish your competitive advantage and, if your brand is already established, we consider current brand perception. What has the perception been, what is it currently, and where do you want it to be in the future? Understanding this is a critical component of brand management because it factors into business strategy and brand positioning.


We develop or review a product and service mix that is aligned with your brand’s purpose, promise, values, and voice. We ensure the message sent to your target audience clearly describes what they can expect from purchasing your goods and services. We establish that the promise given is represented in the values that your brand seeks to embody. The aesthetic value (color palettes, logo, packaging) is designed to reinforce the brand image and perception in the minds of the target audience. We consider end states throughout this process to ensure that your brand is aligned with your organizational goals.


Positioning your brand requires a narrative and unique selling proposition that defines the audience, who the brand competes against, the benefits of using the brand, and a statement of proof for the brand promise. It describes what your brand’s position in the market is relative to its competitors and what sets it apart from that competition. Once in place, we can monitor brand name mentions, engagements, reviews, and testimonials to measure the efficacy of the brand strategy.

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