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Training Workshops & Moto|vational Speaking

Training & Development

Motivate your workforce for any challenge with training that is tailored to meet your organizational needs. Take advantage of our mobile learning solutions and scalable programs that enable worldwide collaboration and flexibility in a risk-free environment. We offer courses on brand development, marketing, and web design for small business and non-profit organizations. Leadership and team development within these fields are critical to brand success; leadership seminars by retired Air Force Pilot Emily Elmore are available upon request. Contact us to receive a complimentary consultation to determine your training needs.

Moto|vational Speaking

Emily K. Elmore was medically retired from the Air Force following a catastrophic injury while flying her C-130J Super Hercules aircraft. Unable to use her right arm, she utilized her background in coding and engineering to transition to web design and data analysis, analyzing and improving brand performance by increasing traffic, leads, and engagement through optimized online platforms.

A confessed motorhead, Emily started podcasting as "The MotoDoll" in an effort to connect with the community she lost after her injury. Through car stories she discovered that everyone is looking to journey boldly from one destination to the next, and that we often need a wingman to overcome roadblocks. Similarly, The MotoDoll became the vehicle of her own reinvention. Through brand management, marketing, and web design she helps build brands that build community. If you’re hosting an event in your community and looking to motivate your guests, Emily is sure to empower and excite.